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These decades, the usage of white gold in jewellery making almost equals the quantity of yellow gold. White gold is extremely famous when it comes to jewellery and sets featuring fine quality white diamonds in jewellery. Many of the great designs of wedding rings and diamond cocktail rings are only sold in white gold, therefore white gold rings are highly popular and definitely must be observed when you are in Dubai and you look for great white gold rings. In our article, we would like to say a few words about the origins of white gold and the best Dubai jewellery brands selling white gold in Dubai.

Gold comes in one basic form, which is the classic yellow gold with the 24 carats being the pure form of the metal. In the past 100 years, mainly due to the several financial crisis that has crashed the world’s economy, different forms of gold alloys were found by jewellers, by way of mixing pure gold with other cheaper metals, such as silver, aluminium, nickel or bronze among many other metals. These alloys have all given different shades to gold, this way creating red gold, pink gold, rose gold and white gold, which today are some of the biggest trends of jewellery making. Top international jewellers feature collections of bicolour and tri-colour gold ring creations which represent the beauty of gold in 2 or 3 different shades. The most important type of gold alloy today is definitely the white gold, which is today used mainly for diamond jewellery. It is important to note, that all gold alloys are 18k gold.

Let us see some of the top brands of Dubai jewellers that deal with great quality white gold rings in Dubai:
* Al Liali, being one of Dubai’s highest valued jewellers specialises itself in selling high profile diamond jewellery, to which it mainly uses white gold. However, Al Liali has a value collection, which introduces traditional Indian jewellery, white and yellow gold in its full beauty. Al Liali offers multiple sorts of beautiful white gold rings, its Bridal collection features sophisticated diamond –white gold rings and its cocktail rings represent some of the most beautiful creations of flower shaped white gold rings, artistically decorated with white and black diamonds.

* Pure Gold features outstanding creations of diamond rings, which include bridal and engagement rings, cocktail and fashion rings and diamond-white gold rings for special creations. Pure Gold also uses high quality silver and platinum in its collections. Check out its great collections Pure Diamond, Pure Sparkle, Eternity and Bridal to check out its most beautiful white gold rings and sets.

* Damas Jewellery, being the largest Dubai brand of jeweller it houses the biggest number of collections in its several showrooms. Damas has been concentrating on including white gold rings and sets in its collections for a couple of years now. It’s newcomer collections, that feature some of its most beautiful white gold rings with great quality white diamonds include Solitaire and OneSixEight, each being exclusive collections of Damas in Dubai.

If you want to see the most beautiful creations of white gold, such as white gold rings or full diamond sets, then do not hesitate to check out these great brands. In case you would like to look further, do not miss visiting the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park where you can find white gold rings in the highest number.