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Swarovski has always been extremely famous for its quality work of mountain crystals that are clear like clean water and could even compete diamonds due to their great quality, clearance and cut. The brand, due to its huge success has decided not too long ago, to release its own jewellery collections for the fans of its crystals. In our article, we will explore Swarovski rings and their various types and we will check out where you can buy Swarovski rings in Dubai.

Swarovski started up as a crystal accessory maker, which today is one of the elite brands that deal with exclusive home decoration and jewellery as well. Due to the high success of Swarovski goods, the brands have made successful alliances with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Chanel or Nokia, to name these two. Swarovski rings today can be seen and bought in all sorts of price range, depending on your budget. Today, Swarovski offers multiple sorts of rings, the cheaper ones in its Accessories section while the exclusive ones can be seen in its Jewellery section. Other than other traditional jewellers, Swarovski like to have its Swarovski rings made out of special metals, different from pure gold.

The brand mainly uses metal or stainless steel for its jewellery and then it offers them with plating that can be silver, gold, platinum or rhodium. Swarovski rings are designed by multiple different designers who all party design jewellery for Swarovski. Each Swarovski ring looks unique and has its own name, instead of having different collections. Some of its unique Swarovski rings include Atelier Sahara Ring, designed by Hariri and Hariri, which looks beautifully futuristic with beautiful yellow-green crystal. Swarovski’s Sain Ring contains one huge transparent white crystal, Majesty Dark ring is a ring with such beautiful design, you have surely never seen before. The same goes for Hyacinth Green Ring and chic Royalty ring both of which are great for special occasions and the good thing in them is that their price is not more than USD 200-250.

Swarovski rings are great to wear for special occasions, where the beauty of your ring will only be supported by the outlook of the eveningwear. Apart from the upper mentioned Swarovski rings, the brand offers dozens of colourful collections such as its Hello Kitty rings, Eternity rings or Louise Nude rings each one designed for special occasions with specific clothing. Swarovski rings such as Serena Ring or Sophisticated rings are highly artistic creations, which means that you must wear them with great care and for special times. Some Swarovski rings are indeed huge and wearing them on the long haul may harm your feeling of comfort. It is also worth noting, that Swarovski does not use diamonds or other gemstones in its collections, he works with crystals and coloured crystals, which are indeed his specialty.

Swarovski rings can be bought and shipped to you online, but when you are in Dubai, you can get to visit Swarovski’s beautiful showrooms in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and in the Emirates Towers Boulevard. Do not miss your chance to buy one of the fantastic Swarovski rings featured in the stores of Swarovski in Dubai.