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Dubai, next to being world famous for its goldware and great number of gold jewellers is also very popular for all the silverware and silver jewellery it sells for the customers. Silver is a beautiful previous metal that is perfect to form into jewellery, looks brilliant when featuring gemstones and in forms of silver rings. Let us check out where to go, when we would like to check out on the quality silver jewellery of Dubai Jewellers.

Silver is one of the most beautiful precious metals in the world, which has been mainly used for making jewellery, cutlery and high valued home accessories out of it, not to mention all the silver coins that were used for paying in the medieval times. Not many know, but silver is the shiniest of all precious metals as well. Therefore, silver jewellery is highly liked and favoured by many above gold because of many people being allergic to wearing gold while others simply prefer its colour. Silver is so highly used and liked, that Tiffany and Co. One of the most expensive and most popular jewellery brands in the world still preserves and keeps up its fantastic collections of silverware, the goods that has initially made Tiffany into one of the biggest jewellers in the world.

As a metal, silver is highly used by jewellers for the creation of white gold as well. Silver jewellery is popular in Dubai and many of the elite brands deal with silver creations, with others like the famous Al Liali also soon to release its special silver jewellery collections. The other reason why silver is much liked in Dubai is, that being a Muslim country, its Sunni Muslim male citizens are not allowed to wear any sorts of gold jewellery, according to Sunnah the law of Quran, therefore a high number of wedding bands and eternity rings are also sold in Silver in Dubai.

One of the most popular jewellers having an outstanding collection of silver rings and jewellery is Pure Gold Jewellers, who has named its Silver collection to Pure Silver featuring outstanding diamond silver rings, silver necklace and earring sets and various other great art pieces.

Tanyaz Jewellery, located in the Deira Gold Souk of Dubai is specialised in silver jewellery and has a huge quality collection of silver rings in its showrooms, which you can find in the Dubai Gold Souk.

Chungath Jewellery, a popular Indian jeweller in Dubai also features outstanding silver collections in its showroom, that you can also find in the Gold Souk of Dubai.

In case you would like to check out some of the best international collection of silver rings in Dubai, you should definitely check out the showrooms of Pandora Jewellery, which features outstanding silver rings in great, unique designs and with the inclusion of a huge variety of precious or semi-precious gemstones and stones.

Another popular brand in Dubai featuring highly valued silver rings and sets is Prima Gold, that has showrooms in all the downtown shopping malls of Dubai and of course in the Deira Gold Souk as well.

Once you visit Dubai, you will see that it is not all about gold. Silver rings are sold by every jeweller in different designs, quality and value. In real, you should check them out for yourself to find the best silver rings for you in Dubai, yet include some or all of the above jewellers to see some of the best quality silver jewellery collections.