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Dubai is a world famous centre of gemstone and jewellery trading, and apart from diamonds, there are a few other precious gemstones, which are famous for their value and high quality. Ruby is one of the most popular of these gemstones, therefore, after diamond rings, ruby rings or ruby rings that are mixed up with diamonds with stones playing the main role in the jewellery. In this article we would like to introduce you to ruby, advise you how you can see their quality and where in Dubai you can buy quality ruby rings.

After diamonds, it is probably ruby which is the worthiest of all gemstones. With its beautiful deep red colour ruby has even inspired artists to create a new colour on their palette calling it simply ruby or ruby red. The largest import of rubies come from the Southeast Asian region, namely from India, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Ruby make each jewellery look outstanding, with the adding of its beautiful shine and colour and jewellers are embracing rubies as some of the most popular gemstones right after white diamonds.

However, the deep red colour of ruby is more likely to conceal imperfections, the quality of Ruby is also states as per the 5C palette, according to which experts also confirm the quality of diamonds. 5C contains the following points according to which each ruby as examined - colour, clarity, carat, cut and certificate.

In Dubai, most of the valued jewellers represent ruby jewellery and ruby rings in their collections. Let us see a couple of examples:
• Chemmanur International: being among the largest Indian jewellers in Dubai Chemmanur does a big deal of trading and wholesale trading of jewellery and gemstones in Dubai. They have outstanding collections of ruby rings and ruby necklace sets for their customers. Chemmnur has its main showroom in the Gold Centre in Dubai Gold Souk.

• Atlas jewellers: being among the largest and most popular Indian jewellers in Dubai, Atlas offers a great deal of ruby rings and various sorts of other ruby jewellery for its customers through its Fulki collection, which is specialised on coloured gemstone jewellery. Here, you can find various sorts of beautiful ruby rings. Find Atlas Jewellery operating multiple stores in the Dubai Gold Souk, in Bur Dubai and in Karama districts.

• Chungath Jewellery: operating in Karama district and Gold Souk of Dubai, you should definitely check out Chungath for some of the nicest collections of ruby rings and all sorts of ruby necklace sets.

• Damas jewellery: Damas, being one of the most famous and biggest quality jewellery brands of Dubai has an extreme variety of ruby rings and collections featured in its various collections. Damas has a large number of showrooms in every downtown shopping mall and in the Dubai Gold Souk.

• Devji Aurum: being a very special jeweller making high quality jewellery Devji Aurum has some of the best collection of ruby rings and jewellery on offer Find Devji Aurum in the Dubai Mall.

If you are looking for ruby rings in Dubai, you should start your search at the Indian jewelleries within Dubai Gold Souk where they are basically in majority. Each Indian jeweller represents quality ruby rings and necklace sets.