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Gold rings when they are given to women are sign of unfinished love, together with the will of marriage. Gold rings also represent wealth and richness of a family or a person. If you would like to have a precious accessory that you will not stop wearing, then do not miss visiting some or all of the represented Dubai brands, to check out on some of the most beautiful collections of gold rings. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some of the best places where you can buy quality gold rings in Dubai.

When you think of Dubai jewellery trading, you will see that gold stands on the first place as the main sort of precious metal and jewellery used in trading. And indeed, it is not without a reason, why Dubai is called the City of Gold. The measure of gold and diamond trading has substantially grown in Dubai in the past twenty years as a focused effort of the city and emirate and the substitute for oil, when oil will be no more the most treasured resource of the land. According to researches, it is the gold rings, which are the highest bought type of jewellery all around the world, in forms of wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings and gold rings with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

In Dubai, most jewellers concentrate on featuring high carat yellow gold jewellery but most of them are realising the importance of good quality white gold, representing gold and gemstones from a different point of view. Let us see some of the biggest Dubai brands and their specialisations in terms of their collection of gold rings.

Classic or yellow gold
Most jewellers who deal with traditional Arabic and/or Indian jewellery in Dubai stick to classic pure gold as the ultimate sign of richness and value in a jewellery. The traditional creations look their best when being featured in yellow gold. Most of Dubai jewellers belong to this category, with Joyalukkas, Atlas, Taiba, Chungath, Chemmanur Jewellers being among some of the best-known Dubai brands among them. They feature outstanding collections of gold rings and bands, together with wedding bands.

White Gold
The number of top Dubai brands offering a diverse collection of gold rings made out of white gold is growing. Some brands, such as Al Liali, Samra jewellers, Passion jewellers, Pure Gold are now offering the majority of their collections in white gold. The best brand of Dubai Damas Jewellery features equal number of gold collections in both yellow and white gold. If you are in Dubai looking for gold rings made out of white gold, do not forget to check out the outstanding collections of Pure Gold, Al Liali and Passion Jewellers.

Coloured Gold
Top Dubai jewellers feature a growing number of coloured gold rings, out of which the most outstanding collections are featured in the stores of Passion Jewellers and Damas Jewellery.

If you come to Dubai, you will see, the featured variety of jewellers and top brands is just too wide to represent. Visit the Dubai Gold Souk and the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park if you want your search of gold rings to be the most focused, while you stay in this beautiful metropolis.