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Diamond is the most precious and most popular gemstone of all time in the world. Therefore, they are also the highest sold gemstones, contrary to the fact, that pure, white diamonds are the most expensive gemstones in the world. Dubai loves diamonds and as it is the top trading power in jewellery and gemstones in the Middle East, it sells some of the best quality diamonds in the world. Due to the fact, that all Dubai brands have their own collection of diamond jewellery, we will this time help you in finding the best places and the best Dubai brands to check out on, if you are looking for diamond rings.

Diamond rings are long-term symbols of love, marriage, engagement and of course, wealth. Therefore, there is no woman in the world, who would not want to have a precious diamond ring in her jewellery collection. Diamond rings have inspired several, today alone standing designs, such as the Eternity Ring, that is today the symbol of marriage and eternal love and it consists of a wedding band, designed to have a line of small similar-cut diamonds in its middle. One-stone diamond rings still serve as the perfect examples of engagement rings, being also the most expensive rings of all time. In Dubai, you can find some of the biggest variety of all sorts of diamond rings, especially if you know the best place to look for them. Let us see, where you should start your tour of exploration.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park:
Located nearby the Jumeirah district, which is the biggest touristic area of Dubai, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, is easily accessible and it is open every day of the week. Packed with around 50 different local and international jewellery showrooms, this is the best-liked place for everyone to go first, to find their great looking unique style diamond rings. Outstanding brands, such as Al Liali, Damas, Dhamani, Dhakan Jewellers, Emirates Diamonds or Passion Jewellers are must-visit places, with many of them, such as Al Liali offering a great deal of extreme quality diamond rings with white gold and Passion Jewellers for their great variant of diamond rings made out of multicoloured gold. The Park is also very popular for those, who want to get knock-off jewellery of world famous designers and jewellers’ styles, such as Bvlgari, Versace, Gucci and other popular brands. In Dubai, Gold and Diamond Park can be a great place to buy diamond rings much cheaper than anywhere else is. Yet always take care of the reviews on the actual quality of jewellers, check out on the certificate they provide you with their diamond jewellery and check out on their guarantees, especially when it comes to being able to assist you when you return to your country.

Shopping Malls of Dubai:
The biggest shopping malls of Dubai, namely Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman and Deira City Centres are all packed with various jewellers that offer you from the collections of all the main brands in the world that sells probably the most beautiful and most expensive diamond rings that you have ever seen. Apart from these international brands, a great number of local brands also offer import diamond rings for a much more suitable price.

Diamond ring price in Dubai / UAE:
Its depends on the brand, the carat and the design, but we can say that a nice ring starts at AED 1000.

Overall, you can find the best and most beautiful diamond rings in the world in Dubai, due to the extreme numbers of local and international jewellers that sell jewellery from all around the world. A good advice for everyone: In Dubai, it is cool to try to bargain in stores.